Our Project

Developing Websites for

every & each enterprise

Get your website starting from SR2999

An advanced and fully developed website (online-portal) integrating a modern application system with unlimited number of pages that comes with a package of services which make your website a true media channel to enhance your presence on the World Wide Web to reflect the nature of your business reaching for areas with no limits.

Get your website starting from SR2999

Our vision, knowing your needs

Salik for electronic and communication services meets the real needs of business and personal sector and adopts with integrity the support for government and private enterprises providing a real solutions that are driven from a real life experience in technical solutions.

Our vision, knowing your needs

Salik for e-Solutions

At Salik Technology, we provide a variety of solutions and applications that are dynamic and flexible with the ability to enhance. Those solutions vary starting from e-commerce solutions reaching to Database applications, ERP, CRM, and even HRM to support the enterprise operation using the latest technologies.

Salik for e-Solutions

Developing Online Websites

New Media that helps you achieving your profitability goals and services that qualifies you to reach your targeted audience directly without any limits

Business Information Technology

Crucial tools to achieve success in a world of business and finance as a derived result of dedicated work within a short time-frame with a comprehensive information

Wired and Wireless Networks

Saving time and effort is a fundamental requirement in the modern life to expand and achieve goals with profit in a synchronized world

Security Products and Technologies

Advanced and sophisticated technologies that make you ready for all eventualities and guard your safety to ensure your business continuation with progress and protection

Professional Services

Long and accumulated experience based on qualification for professionalism in the world of technology which includes providing consultancy and management of major projects, training and knowledge transfer

Medium & Small Sized Enterprises

With an affordable cost we build an online portal (website) for each small or medium enterprise with a full range of services